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Whenever you come across business computing, you get to hear the words Software-as-a-Services and Software Oriented Architecture and you might have noticed that much often people using these words have a tendency to use them in improper context. First thing that DigiTek IT Inc. does is to understand the basic concept and exact definition of these two words in terms of these two technologies.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software as we know provides an application on demand and as far as SaaS is concerned there is no actual methodology, development technology or tolls that can attribute to SaaS making it just a software delivery method.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This is bit difficult to understand and provides some means of system development and integration where systems group functionally around business processes and package making it an interoperable services. In other words, it does not matter if these services are deployed on Web or not leaving you with an option to deliver them using Internet and it leaves SOA with nothing whether it is or it is not a real Service Oriented Architecture.


We at DigiTek IT Inc. are well aware of the different functionalities of SOA and SaaS therefore we provide extensive set of services that is not limited to only SaaS application development or SaaS consulting but also to the our clients to navigate through the SaaS adoption. This eventually minimizes the total cost of ownership as well place our clients in good position to gain from designing their SOA so they can meet the extensive SaaS standards.


You can expect high quality SOA and SaaS services to help companies make a smooth transition to a SaaS platform by combining consulting, development and operational services. DigiTek IT Inc. is empowered with the required expertise to create new products using SaaS platform. In addition, with the aid of our expert developers you can even redesign and enhance the existing software products or application so they can SaaS platform.


DigiTek IT Inc. provides following SaaS and SOA services

  • SaaS Consulting
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Design
  • Development
  • SOA Integration
  • Testing

The developing team at DigiTek IT Inc. is certified and has extensive experience in the IT industry to developing and maintaining SaaS or on demand SaaS applications. Due to our insight in the technology and IT industry we have enabled ourselves to acquire the highest SaaS standards and on demand application development and on demand adoption for enterprises.